The Logan Mansion is a beautiful, three-story Victorian home standing since 1892. In 1952, the house was purchased by Mrs. Luella Hill and her daughter Miss Mary Frances Hill, who were both widows for many years. When they moved into the mansion, they occupied it as their residence until 1972, when Mrs. Hill died at age 82 and left her estate to be used as a public museum open free of charge to everyone who wanted to visit it. Information can be found here.

The Logan Mansion is one of the most haunted places in Louisiana. It’s said that the spirit of a Confederate soldier named John haunts the mansion, and many people have reported seeing his ghost. There are also reports of other ghosts in the estate, including a little girl who died in a fire and a woman her husband killed. The mansion is cursed, and many people believe that it’s responsible for all sorts of accidents and tragedies. Visitors to the estate often report feeling uneasy or scared while there. If you’re brave enough to visit the Logan Mansion, be prepared for an eerie experience! Some people believe that the ghost of Confederate soldier John haunts the Logan Mansion. See here for information about Bound to make you smile: an Elvis Presley Statue, Shreveport, LA.